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Jade Thyme celebrates successfully defending Jules Cranbury on a murder charge. Her celebration is short-lived when she finds Jules murdered. Jade investigates and uncovers a secret justice society whose members hide behind white tabs and black robes while delivering their own vigilante justice. Jade locates a once prominent and respected lawyer, now known as Noxzema Man, homeless and panhandling in Fan Tan Alley. He warns Jade. Judges, lawyers and police make up the Society. Trust no one. The MotoCityDolls, her sister's all-female motorcycle gang, save Jade from a Society assassin. Forced to take a leave of absence, Jade packs up her office, but not before coming face-to-face with another assassin--Jules's murderer.

The Unravelling

SKU: 364215376135191
  • A Canadian Book Club Award finalist

Debra Purdy Kong review

This second installment in the Jade and Sage series picks up Jade’s story six months later. She’s just opened her own law firm when she learns that her father’s died of an overdose. Not known to be a drug user, she and her sister Sage dig a little deeper. Their efforts only add to troubling questions with disturbing consequences and a whole lot of danger.

This fascinating, intricately woven plot involves stories from two time periods. The second involves their deceased mother, Genie, when she was a young woman and in love with a gangster named Oscar. It’s a poignant story showing how the trauma of earlier generations often has a long-lasting effort on others.

As with the first book, the Victoria setting is beautifully described and we also see a little of Vancouver in this book. Dealer’s Child is an engrossing page-turner and thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.

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