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Spy Girls is out and it's the winner of the

Chick Lit Book Cafe's International Book of
Excellence Award for best spy thriller

and suspense! Check out Chick Lit
Book Cafe's review of Spy Girls.

A CIA action officer is released from prison.
A Chief Justice is murdered, and th
e Law
Society is scrutinizing Jade Thyme’s conduct.
Jade’s life
can’t get much worse until she is coerced into finding an elusive double agent. Tangled in lies and political agendas, high speed chases and sticky bombs, can Jade outplay a dangerous Russian assassin before her own life is terminated?


Spy Girls is adrenaline-fueled, adventure packed with heart-pounding action, unexpected twists, and a riveting plot that keeps readers hooked from the first page. With lives hanging in the balance and loyalties questioned, trust in each other is the only way to survive. But even the strongest bonds can be tested when faced with external threats and personal demons.”


—Joe Goldberg, author of the award-winning The Spy Devils thrillers.

Spy Girls is an adrenalin fueled, twisting, thrill ride of a novel. Vander Vlugt straps readers in and keeps them guessing until the final pages.”

—Eileen Cook, Author of You Owe Me a Murder

Get your motor running, and your heart rate too, in this fast-paced story of family, spies and intrigue.”

—Charlotte Morganti, author of The End Game

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